Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tin Roof Global Takes Over This Project!

The Social Responsibility in Education Committee (SREC) has an exciting announcement!

This project began with a group of parent educators volunteering to create meaningful ways to support our kids and their peers in learning Social Responsibility and Social Action skills while at the same time supporting kids in the developing world by providing access to clean water. We have enjoyed working collaboratively with teachers and with young people developing and excersizing their leadership skills.

We wanted to operate within a respectful partnership with our collaborators in Uganda and support local decision making there. While we developed the project to meet specific goals for Canadian students, local leaders in Uganda, who shared our vision, developed in parallel a new entity called the Canada Africa School Partnership (CASP) organization to oversee project implementation on the ground. The CASP organization completed a full audit and has now achieved full NGO (non-governmental organization) Status within Uganda!

Meanwhile, in Canada, word of the Uganda Water and Garden Project (UWGP) spread, more schools joined in, as well as afterschool programs and church youth groups! The project has experienced growth well beyond our expectations (and capacity to manage).

We are therefore thrilled to announce that...

Tin Roof Global has taken over the administration of the Uganda Water and Garden Project!

Members of SREC interviewed several organizations and selected Tin Roof Global because of their commitment to not only undertake international development but pairing this action and leadership development with the facilitation of global education, leadership and social responsibility in young Canadians. We have been working together for almost a year now and SREC volunteers will continue to be involved to some extent. CASP will continue to play a central role in overseeing the building of rainwater harvesting tanks at Ugandan schools.

Tin Roof Global is a nonprofit organization with charity status which means it can issue tax receipts for donations. The organization is run by people with expertise in education and international development. We thank Canadian schools interested in joining the project for their patience as we worked to get this needed infrastructure in place. We are confident that the project is now well situated to support growth!

The new name of the Uganda Water & Garden Project is Roof It H2O!

For more info about Tin Roof Global and its programs, please check out:

Water Sustainability Workshop for Ugandan School Personnel

Sustainability Workshop for Ugandan School Personnel
Iganga District
April 28 & 29 2011

100 participants explored water and food sustainability method for ugandan schools as well as their vision for building partnerships with Canadian Schools.

This educational initiative was implemented by CASP (Canada Africa School Partnership organization) in collaboration with local partners. CASP is an organization of local education, engineering and community development experts that facilitate communities in the building of rainwater harvesting tanks and school gardens to improve the quality of education in Uganda. Mr. Moses Lyagoba (gentleman on the right in the above photo, is the CASP coutry director).

The workshop received some funding from us in Canada via Tin Roof Global, the nonprofit charity that now manages the entire Uganda Water & Garden Project (renamed Roof it H2O).

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thanks from Esther

We would like to thank all those who attended the Feb 19th event or who may be considering making a donation through Tin Roof Global's website toward Educating Esther!

Esther started her 4 year high school program on Jan 31st 2011. At the event we watched video interviews taken before and after she started school.

She looked so incredibly happy at school that we wanted to share this photo with you. Thanks goes out to Moses who made a special effort to get us these images.

The success of the fundraiser was made possible with the help of a number of community partners:

The Art of Beauty

Serenity Massage


Wholesome Foods

Zumba with Mary

CTV News

Jan Lancaster

Avis Favaro

The Pilates Barr

Alicia & Geoff Edwards

Fogel Photography

The Art of Cheese

Bev Mummery Photography

Il Fornello

Deborah Robertson

Denise Kirlianis

Donna Kirlianis

Rosemary Anderson

Ambiance Chocolat

Pikto Photography

DeSerres (Woodbine & Danforth)

Kari Krogh

and Danny and Tyler's fantastic band!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Educating Esther Event: Feb 19 2011

Educating Esther
Join us Saturday February 19 2011 from 2:00 - 4:30 at 1672 Kingston Rd

Here is Esther with her grandmum and Moses the UWGP project country coordinator.

We are making a difference in the life of a Ugandan girl and her community! Esther played a role in educating Toronto youth about life in Uganda as part of the Uganda Water and Garden Project, an initiative that involves Toronto students in bringing clean water and gardens to Ugandan schools. Both of Esther’s parents died and as Kinu School’s top student, she was forced to leave school. Come learn more about Esther and the Uganda Water and Garden Project. Help raise fees needed for her to complete her 4 year secondary education. We will have a silent auction and a small photography show/sale illustrating life for Ugandan children. Enjoy music, refreshments and handmade chocolates!

This is one of the photos that will be available for purchase at the event.

Tax Receipts from Tin Roof Global Available.

This community event is hosted by The Art of Beauty with help from Serenity Massage.

Join us Saturday February 19 2011 from 2:00 - 4:30 at 1672 Kingston Rd

RSVP 416 698-6968

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